Pursuant to By-Law 257 which prescribes the form, manner and the times for the provision of notice – Council plans to pass the 2016 Budget at the Regular meeting of May 9th, 2016 at 6:00pm  at the Municipal Office. 

The 2016 Budget By-Law will provide for the adoption of estimates, tax rates, water rates and penalty.

Copies of the 2016 Budget are available at the Municipal Office or by clicking below:

By-Law 264 - Being a by-law to provide tax ratios for 2016.

By-Law 265 - Being a by-law to adopt optional tools for the purposes of administering limits for the commercial, industrial and multi-residential property classes for the year 2016.

By-Law 266 - Being a by-law to provide for the adoption of tax rates and to provide for penalty and interest in default of payment thereof for 2016.