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Seasonal Road By-Law

The Council for the Municipality of Charlton and Dack is expected to review a by-law setting out the roads which are seasonal at the Council meeting of August 11th, 2014.

Please click here or visit the municipal office for a copy of the proposed bylaw.



Energy Plan

As required from the Ministry of Energy the Municipality has submitted the energy use of our facilities.

As part of this submission the municipality must list the ways in which they will help reduce energy use. Please click here for a copy of the report.




Englehart and District Hospital Integration - Feasibility Study June 2014

The Englehart and District Hospital recently commissioned a feasibility study to determine a business case for a new Long Term Care facility in our area. The plan is to build on the existing services available at the hospital site and integrate these with the new facility. In this early study, the facility is expected to have 64 Long Term Beds and cost approximately $15,932,681 with part of the funding coming from the local municipalities including Charlton and Dack. Based on this preliminary study the municipal taxpayer implication is expected to be annually from $15,198 to $26,632 or between $22.65 to $39.69 a person. Council is being asked to review this proposal and if you are interested in seeing a full copy of the presentation from the Community meeting please click here.